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  • Dr. S.Devaraj
    Vidiyal Educational Services Pvt. Ltd

    Message from Chairman
    "Education is the movement from darkness to light!"
    - Allan Bloom

    Education, health and development be it in social, political, economic or spiritual angle, Dr.Devaraj has done it all. One of the great visionaries of our time who has spent 35 years of his life for making life of poor and the rural, better. He has laid foundation for many institutions which will stand the test of time and serve rural and urban population alike. A pioneer of Micro Finance in India, who established Organizations which are currently serving more than 20 lakhs poor families with over 5000 crores of loan disbursement.

    As an explorer by disposition, he had travelled extensively to over 52 countries across the world to attend Seminars, conference and to conduct workshops. He had completed his degree in Social Development Studies at COADY International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, CANADA. Thereby, with the key learning from the Global perspective, he started world class education system in India. In 1999, he had established a unit of Vidiyal Group of Educational Institutions, to provide quality Education at an affordable cost to bring enlightenment to the Valanadu Kaikatti region.

    Today the institutions run by the Vidiyal Group includes, Vidiyal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Paripoorna Matriculation School, Sri Meenakshi Vidiyal Arts and Science College, Vidiyal Catering College and now paved a new path for the IIT-JEE / NEET aspirants across Trichy and other parts of Tamil Nadu through the Paripoorna Academy.

    Many Institutions took up the responsibility to create a positive space for education and among that Vidiyal Group of Educational Institutions has the power to bring upon the idea of freedom and responsibility in order to make the students achieve greater heights.

  • Mr.Satish Devaraj, BE., MBA.,
    Managing Director
    Vidiyal Educational Services Pvt. Ltd

    Message from Managing Director
    “The price of success is sustained hard work, unflinching desire, dedication and determination. When you give your best effort, that is what makes you a winner.”

    Paripoorna Academy, started with an aim to provide the platform for the students to become Engineers and Doctors to achieve their targets and Join the top Engineering and Medical colleges of India. We infuse exemplary skills that are demanded from the students to be successful in IIT-JEE, NEET and other major competitive examinations and also taking this coaching even to the unreached.

    First and foremost of our strengths include an esteemed faculty with proven track records in JEE and medical entrance coaching. The output of our faculty's teamwork is an innovative curriculum that helps to mould our students' inborn intelligence at the highest possible level.

    The uncompromising ideal preparation for the aspirants through constant updation of materials and rigorous test schedules, both online and offline are the fortitude of Paripoorna Academy.

    Paripoorna Academy is a place where faculties, administrative staff and parents work together to achieve goal and secure future in academics for every student. Our students, the learners of today, will be prepared well to face the highly Competitive Entrance Examinations.

    We invite you to explore and take advantage of what we offer at Paripoorna Academy.

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